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How to reimburse tax money in Madrid

In Madrid, tourists can enjoy an intense and excellent experience window-shopping, and enjoy significantly more competitive prices than in other main European shopping cities like Paris, London or Rome.

To purchase a product in Europe, you should pay the IVA (Value Added Tax) that is already included in the final price. All tourists outside of the European Union are entitled to reimburse this tax. In the case of Spain, this represents a reimbursement of 21% of the price of the product in the store.

In addition to being cheap, Spain boats a competitive tax free system, which means an additional reduction to the prices of items considered exportable, so tourists can take these items back home with them.

Therefore, you cannot claim a refund on invoice supply services such as hotels, restaurants, or food in general.

How does the reimbursement system for IVA function for tourists in Madrid?

  • 1. Invoice

    The trade issues the visa with the corresponding VAT and the bar code for its digital seal. The word DIVA must appear in the code.

  • 2. Digital seal

    Identify the DIVA digital sealing machines and place the Tax Free document under the barcode reader.

  • 3. Refund

    If it is approved, you can go to a return entity or to the merchant itself.
    If it is denied, you must go to the customs staff for verification.

List of Institutions authorized in Spain:
  • Global Blue S.A.
  • Premier Tax Free (before Cashback).
  • Innova Taxfree Spain (before Spain Refund SL).
  • Caja de Ahorros y Pensiones de Barcelona.
  • Tax Free World Wide Spain S.L.

Our advice is to ask the manager of the store to ensure that is adhered to the program.


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