The Best Non-Spanish food to order

The Best Non-Spanish food to order
13 Nov, 2020

After living in Madrid for over 5 months, I ventured into different types of cuisines to spice it up.

Add some change into your regular Spanish dishes.


After living in Madrid for over 5 months, I ventured into different types of cuisines to spice it up. I quickly learned that the city had so much to offer other than its amazing Jamon Iberico and Tortillas. The options are endless and sometimes overwhelming. There are so many places to try that I thought I would give you a list of my favorite spots. Here are some of the different cuisines you can order to your home.


Sushi Shop

If you are a sushi lover, this restaurant is for you. They serve the best combination of quality fish with unique and creative dishes and rolls. It is the perfect combination between simple and innovative. I found that there were multiple locations in the city and other cities in Europe. My favorite dishes and ones that I extremely recommend if you decide to order: Tuna y Truffle


Bang Cook

This innovative Thai food restaurant provides a great atmosphere and food combo. During these times, our households could use this unique vibe to add something different into our daily routines. One of my favorite dishes ever comes from this restaurant and it is the red curry with shrimp. Hopefully when everything starts to reopen this can be your new favorite night out restaurant.

Call to order: +34 910 51 22 08



Oven Mozzarella Bar

Sometimes we are in the need for a good carb loaded dinner. Oven is an Italian restaurant with multiple locations in the city. It has one of the best Bolognese pasta’s I have ever tasted (I have had a fair amount). If you are looking for a tasty and satisfying Italian night, then this the place to order from. It is currently open for dine in, delivery, and pick up!



These are a few places that I loved to visit during my time in Madrid. I hope that these restaurants can you bring you some joy in these difficult times. Stay safe!



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