Tips of manners in Spain

Tips of manners in Spain
11 Dec, 2017

When traveling abroad we must respect the traditions of locals

When traveling abroad we must respect the traditions of locals. Only by respecting others can we get respect in return equally. When you visit Spain, there are some manners that you should keep in mind, to help you enjoy your journey.

Spain is an outgoing country where the natives love to chat with others. But there are some forbidden topics in communication. Spanish people like to discuss their own country in informal talking, but for visitors, discussing their country is deeply unsuitable. Relatively, Spanish people regard work and family issues as privacy, which are unsuitable topics too. Besides, the topics of religion beliefs and negative opinions on bullfighting are also inappropriate to talk about in Spain.

What’s more, there are some taboos in Spain, such as “13” and “Friday” being unluck words in Spain. Dahlia and chrysanthemum are symbols of death, which should not be used either.

When greeting others, though official manner is shaking hands, Spanish people prefer hug in daily life, and women can kiss other's cheeks. What’s more, Spanish people show great respect to women. It’s common in Spain that a gentleman holds the door for ladies.

Hope you can enjoy your time in Spain!


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