Bacchanalia bazaar in Madrid

Bacchanalia bazaar in Madrid
06 Dec, 2017

Madrid hides sunshine.

Madrid hides sunshine.

A bazaar near the Puerta de sol called San Miguel is being celebrated. Built with red bricks and glass walls, you can not miss it even from very far away. As a comprehensive market, San Miguel is like the sun that has huge energy and fascination.

San Miguel gathers a lot of Spanish snacks and can fulfill all your imagination about the Spanish food. No only the Jamon (Spanish ham) that is famous around the world, but also fresh seafood out of the special geographical position, and the speciality of Spain, churros(fritters) with hot chocolate, all of them can be found in this bazaar. Visitors get used to having snacks and chatting with others. It appeals to everyone here with vitality.

San Miguel is always busy, with different cultures and languages meeting here. Communication and harvest means a lot to people here. They walk on their own way with what they need. All kinds of food and various passerby enjoy the enthusiasm and wealthy of Madrid. At the same time, San Miguel was built in 1916 and renewed the decoration in 2009. The lights and structure here conform to Spanish standard of beauty, which makes it an ideal place for photography.

The market is busy and lively, which brings real life feelings with vibrant vitality.


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