World Book Capita—Madrid

World Book Capita—Madrid
13 Nov, 2017

All the history is becoming the pages of Madrid and being hidden in the details.

All the history is becoming the pages of Madrid and being hidden in the details.

Libraries are always the most special view of a city. No matter how busy the city is, the atmosphere in library will be quiet and peaceful. Madrid was titled as the first “World Book Capital” to appreciate the contribution it did to world’s reading culture. Though e-reading is popular nowadays, traditional paper books still has some magic at every corner all over the world.

The most famous library in Spain is the National Library of Spain, which is also called Palace Library before. It was previously owned by the royal family of Spain, who required the publishers to send one book to it when a new book was published, so it has stored over 28 million books. Currently the National Library of Spain have been managed by the local governments of Spanish and Madrid and kept the most comprehensive official documents of the Spanish language and Spain.

What’s more, this palace of wisdom and knowledgeable never ignore its appearance. It has a charming appearance, with the statues of the great Spanish men who did giant contribution to Spain. This special design marks the importance of this library, and reflects the Spanish people’s respect to knowledge and wisdom.

You will find the special charm here in every page of Spain, which makes you never want to leave.


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