Passionate in Madrid

Passionate in Madrid
17 Jan, 2018

Bullfighting makes your heart beat faster.

 You must have heard bullfighting, which is famous globally. Spanish bullfighting is well-known all over the world which has a long history and originates from ancient sacrifice. Afterwards it has become a cultural performance and a business card of Spain. 

  There are over 300 bullrings in Spain. The biggest one is called Ventas, which is located in Madrid. This bullring opens to tourist during no game seasons, with a special charm and lengthy history.

  Bullfighting is a sport that passionates every audience. Though the voice of forbidding bull fighting is higher and higher nowadays, bullfighting is still a must-see if you travel to Madrid. The royal families of Spain will also come here during the game season, especially when there is a bullfighting game..

  It is the bullfighting season of Spain from March to November every. If you come to Madrid duringt that period of time, you must go and watch a bullfight!



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